Ark Golden is today a name to reckon with in the national and international market and has been able to achieve success on the basis of its technical competency. Moreover, the cost-effective practices and procedures of the company to produce high-end Phenalkamine Hardeners have made it one of the most preferred suppliers in various parts of the world.

Technical Competitiveness

  • Deeper understanding about Mannich base reactions and performance properties of coatings
  • Knowledge about cardanol chemistry and reaction of cardanol with amine and formaldehyde
  • Understanding of good manufacturing practices with safety parameters
  • Thorough knowledge and expertise for the application of epoxy resins and hardeners in the field of coatings and adhesives
  • Adequate R&D facilities for modifying product as per specific customer requirements and quality control testing facilities
  • Ability to meet technical requirements of future coating industries

Commercial Competitiveness

  • Globally Competitive
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Minimum inventory of raw materials
  • Good packaging for leak proof finished product
  • Time to market – minimum
  • Manufacturing location
  • Close to Sea Port - for exports and imports
  • Close to Market


  • CRISIL Rating - Rated as 'High Performance Capability and High Financial Strength' continuously for past four years
  • Created history to establish and commercialize Phenalkamine epoxy hardeners for the first time in India and recognized globally
  • Set an example in India to create best value addition from cashew shell and made lowest cost epoxy hardener
  • Zero complaint both in terms of technical and commercial supplies till date
  • Developed and introduced new innovative products globally and recognized as sole supplier to many large business corporate in this field
  • Enjoying best reputation to maintain consistency in quality
  • Infrastructure is designed to expand capacity three times within short time
  • Growing exponentially with focused efforts in the field of epoxies
  • High value addition with lowest investment and self-developed sophisticated technologies with proven performance in the field of epoxies
  • The company has interested many World's largest MNCs for cooperation